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A look at the Lincoln Football Academy History

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After a successful five years in Gibraltar, Anthony Bardon decided to officially hang his boots and retire in pursuit of his dream to become a football coach. Bardon made the journey in June 2019 to the United States. Bardon found himself planted in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex where he spent most of his childhood. Here he began building his own football club which he named, Lincoln FC, an ode to his time spent in Gibraltar where Bardon made a name for himself. 

In August of 2019, Lincoln FC DFW was officially made into a youth football club in Colleyville, TX. Lincoln FC first began with one 2006 boys team where they competed in the Plano Premier League. Shortly after, Lincoln FC grew to three teams after adding a 2009 boys team, as well as a 2004 boys team. In three short years, over 100 youth boys were sporting for Lincoln FC with ages ranging from 2013 - 2004. The club's growth of coaches and players allowed them to compete in leagues from Plano Premier, Regional Premier League, and Classic League. Lincoln saw so much success from their teams, with some becoming champions of tournaments such as the Texas State Cup and much more!

- 2014


In January of 2014, Lincoln Football Academy Director, Anthony Bardon, made his way to the country of his mother and grandmother, Gibraltar. Gibraltar is a small country located off of the tip of Spain and across from Morocco. There Bardon made his name known by playing for the Lincoln Red Imps and the Gibraltar Men's National Team. During his time in Gibraltar, Bardon was able to play in competitions such as the UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, FIFA World Cup & UEFA EURO Qualifiers.

Pictured is Bardon playing on the Gibraltar National Team (top left and bottom right #17) and Lincoln Red Imps (bottom left).

2019 -


- 2019

In August 2023, Lincoln Football Academy proudly absorbed Superbia Football, a closely aligned training company that wholeheartedly shares our core values and principles. This integration represents a step forward for both organizations, uniting our collective expertise and passion for soccer development under one powerful entity. With a shared commitment to excellence and player-centric growth, this merge has strengthened our ability to provide unparalleled training programs and opportunities to aspiring young talents in the world of football. Following the merger of Lincoln Football Academy and Superbia Football, the visionary owners decided to repurpose the Superbia name to create LFA-Superbia—an exceptional extension of Lincoln Football Academy.

Lincoln Football Academy Director, Anthony Bardon, now continues to visit his country of Gibraltar as an assistant coach for the Gibraltar Senior National Team, as well as building up the youth footballers of Dallas-Fort Worth. Bardon's experience with not only playing at a professional level but also coaching it transfers into his coaching process for his youth players.

"I am incredibly proud and honored to have such an important role in so many youth players lives. My passion is to see these young players grow into amazing people through the game of soccer."

- Anthony Bardon

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2023 -

In December 2022, an opportunity arose to merge Lincoln FC with Solar SC. Lincoln FC director, Anthony Bardon, made a decision based on the opportunities this would bring to his players who deserved to play at the highest level. Lincoln FC officially merged with Solar SC in March 2023.

In April 2023, Lincoln FC DFW was changed to "Lincoln Football Academy" to continue bringing elite training and football opportunities to players all over the Dallas-Fort Worth area.


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